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Water Based Stripper for Sealers, Coatings and Epoxy Grout Haze


  • Professional Grade Multi Purpose Problem Solver
  • Water Based, Non-flammable, Low Foam, Easy To Use
  • Draws out deep set stains and removes heavy grease build up
  • Removes most sealers, epoxy grout haze, urethane coatings, synthetic finishes, adhesives, marker pen and paints

Aqua-Strip™ is a non-flammable, low odour, heavy duty, water based, multipurpose cleaner and problem solver. Ideal for light epoxy grout haze, grout latex film, degreasing, porcelain wax removal, stripping sealers, water based coatings, floor polishes and floor finishes. Ideal for areas that have been neglected or subject to heavy use. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas e.g. homes, hotels, motels, shopping centres, airports, resorts, restaurants, bars, apartments, aged care and child care centres etc. Safe for food floor preparation areas.


For Porcelain, Ceramic, Encaustic, Tessellated & Terrazzo Tiles, Bricks, Pavers, Concrete, Mosaics, Terracotta, Saltillo, Engineered Stone, All Natural Stone e.g. Basalt, Bluestone, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartz, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine etc.


  • 1 LITRE
  • 4 LITRE




      Professional Grade, Rinse Free and Steak free cleaner for all Stone, Tile, Terrazzo, Encaustics and Grout. Commercial Grade Disinfectant kills Odours, Bacteria & Germs. Highly Concentrated. Does NOT affect sealer performance. For indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial areas. Safe for food preparation floor areas

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      Used and trusted by Professionals. Maximum Stain Resistance against oil, food and grime. Inhibits mould and mildew growth. Aqua-Seal Gold+® is a Professional Grade below surface, penetrating type, natural look sealer. Non flammable, Non yellowing and UV resistant. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas. LOW VOC FORMULA (<5 gm/L).

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    • GRIP-IT T for TILES

      permanent treatment to create a slip resistant micro-texture. It is NOT a sealer or a coating. It will not peel or wear off. Makes slippery, wet surfaces safer e.g. bathrooms, swimming pool areas, balconies, living areas, main entrance etc. For glazed, unglazed ceramic, porcelain and tessellated tiles in domestic, commercial, indoor & outdoor areas. For homes, hotels, schools, child and aged care facilities etc

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    • COLOUR'N'SEAL - Grout Colourant

      Professional Grade one-part premium grout colourant utilising a NanoPlus™ Waterbourne Modified Epoxy formula to re-colour, renew, revive and seal existing grout. Maximum Stain protection against oil, food, grease and grime. For wall, floor, indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial areas. Available in 24 colours.

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