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Colour'N'Seal - Premium Grout Colourant 

Renew, Re-Colour and Seal Existing Grout

  • Re-Colour, Rejuvenate and Seal Existing Grout Joints

  • Maximum Stain Resistance Against Oil, Food and Grime

  • Waterborne Epoxy Formula – Inhibits Algae, Mould and Mildew

  • For Wall, Floor, Interior, Exterior, Domestic & Commercial Applications

Recommended For
  • Sanded • Unsanded and Epoxy Grout Joints

Colour’N’Seal is a premium Professional Grade Grout Colourant and Sealer utilising a NanoPlus Modified Waterborne Epoxy formula to renew, recoloUr and seal existing grout. Can be used on walls and floors, indoor and outdoor areas and in domestic or commercial applications to change or revive the colour of your grout.

To recolour grout. Ideal for textured, sanded, un-sanded & epoxy grout where a new and uniform consistent colour is desired. Let us show you how to easily recolor grout.

For ongoing maintenance use EzyClean+ as your regular cleaner and XtremeClean+ as your periodic heavy duty cleaner. Both products are formulated with latest, cutting edge ActivePlus™ Antibacterial Action technology. Kill odours, disinfect, sanitise plus when used regularly and as per directions helps maintain your surface in a pristine condition.  Regular use also helps prevent soap scum and hard water deposit build up. Do NOT affect sealer performance. For indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial areas. Safe for food preparation floor areas.

  • 250mL
  • 24 Colours


Per 250ml per coat - depending on grout porosity and width, the application method and number of coats required. See table below as a guide (per coat based on 3mm grout joint).

• 200x200mm - 20m2

• 300x300mm - 30m2

• 400x400mm - 40m2

• 600x600mm - 60m2



  • EzyClean+ for routine, everyday cleaning & disinfecting;
  • XtremeClean+ for heavy duty cleaning & disinfecting;
  • Stone Wash+ for cleaning, conditioning & disinfecting;
  • Stone Gel+ for cleaning & disinfecting vertical surfaces;
  • ReFresh+ for food surface area cleaning and disinfecting; 
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    Professional Grade, Rinse Free and Steak free cleaner for all Stone, Tile, Terrazzo, Encaustics and Grout. Commercial Grade Disinfectant kills Odours, Bacteria & Germs. Highly Concentrated. Does NOT affect sealer performance. For indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial areas. Safe for food preparation floor areas

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    Used and trusted by Professionals. Maximum Stain Resistance against oil, food and grime. Inhibits mould and mildew growth. Aqua-Seal Gold+® is a Professional Grade below surface, penetrating type, natural look sealer. Non flammable, Non yellowing and UV resistant. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas. LOW VOC FORMULA (<5 gm/L).

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    permanent treatment to create a slip resistant micro-texture. It is NOT a sealer or a coating. It will not peel or wear off. Makes slippery, wet surfaces safer e.g. bathrooms, swimming pool areas, balconies, living areas, main entrance etc. For glazed, unglazed ceramic, porcelain and tessellated tiles in domestic, commercial, indoor & outdoor areas. For homes, hotels, schools, child and aged care facilities etc

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  • COLOUR'N'SEAL - Grout Colourant

    Professional Grade one-part premium grout colourant utilising a NanoPlus™ Waterbourne Modified Epoxy formula to re-colour, renew, revive and seal existing grout. Maximum Stain protection against oil, food, grease and grime. For wall, floor, indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial areas. Available in 24 colours.